Lounge:gregoria by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Designs The Gregoria Lounge

The project leader of the highlighted project Lounge by Acclaimed Designer explains, Gregoria features the baluster, a key decorative element in traditional Filipino home designs. Gregoria is a semi-circular 2 to 3 seater lounge. Its backrest is made <Cropped>

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Commercial Offices Building by Mz Architects

Mz Architects Shares The Qatar Navigation Tower Commercial Offices Building

MZ Architects, the author of the highlighted design Qatar Navigation Tower - Commercial offices building by MZ Architects points out, The Qatar Navigation Tower exemplifies a sensibility that melds architecture and sculpture in an exuberant building. <Cropped>

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Lobel by Gabriele Cappelletti

Gabriele Cappelletti Spotlights The Lobel Bookshelf

Gabriele Cappelletti, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Lobel by Gabriele Cappelletti illustrates, Lobel bookshelf stands out thanks to his essential and rigorous lines, combining elegance with functionality. Its square shape frames and <Cropped>

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Sentimenti by Sevil Acar (industrial Product Designer)

Sevil Acar (industrial Product Designer) Illustrates The Sentimenti Bathroom Furniture

Sevil Acar (industrial product designer), the creative mind behind the award winning project Bathroom Furniture:Sentimenti by Sevil Acar (industrial product designer) explains, Sentimenti Bathroom furniture collection inspired by feelings and contras <Cropped>

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Designed Wrapping Toilet:artoletta by Koji Akama

Koji Akama Designs The Artoletta Designed Wrapping Toilet

Koji Akama, the maker of the displayed project Designed wrapping toilet by Koji Akama says, Artoletta is a new culture which will bring people delight and surprise. The practical sense that toilet is white may go out of use by the introduction of Art <Cropped>

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Award Winning How Is It Going? Exhibition Identity

Daeki Shim, Jin Jung, Jinsoo Seo Creates The How Is It Going? Exhibition Identity

Daeki Shim, Jin Jung, Jinsoo Seo, the architect of the highlighted work How is it going? - Exhibition identity by Daeki Shim, Jin Jung, Jinsoo Seo explains, This project is an exhibition identity design project for the first exhibition promotion for <Cropped>

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Air Quality by Ryan Yeung and Zoyi So

Ryan Yeung and Zoyi So Presents The Air Quality Air Sensor

Ryan Yeung and Zoyi So, the lead designer of the highlighted design Award Winning Air Quality Air sensor demonstrates, Looking for a small device that can measure volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity in your home? Look <Cropped>

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Wave Watch-Wrist Watch by Reza Salianeh

Reza Salianeh Spotlights The Wave Watch Wrist Watch

Reza Salianeh, the designer of the displayed work Wrist Watch by Reza Salianeh explicates, The goal was to have a mechanical watch that can be read both from front view and side view. The idea behind the design of the Wave watch rises from the need <Cropped>

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Award Winning Silent Hair Dryer

Aid Team, Wessel Deurwaarder Exhibits The Silent Hair Dryer

AID Team, Wessel Deurwaarder, the project leader of the award winning work AID Team, Wessel Deurwaarder's SILENT HAIR DRYER spells out, The Silent hair dryer aims to be the most silent hair dryer on the market. To facilitate this user advantage <Cropped>

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Bebek House by Sebnem Buhara

Sebnem Buhara Designs The Bebek House Residence

Sebnem Buhara, the architect of the highlighted project Residence:Bebek House by Sebnem Buhara demonstrates, In order to turn spaces that have relatively low ceilings into bold and unique houses, we needed a clear architectural language. Instead of g <Cropped>

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