Evolution Design's Neumatt Sports Center Sports Center

Evolution Design Portrays The Neumatt Sports Center Sports Center

Evolution Design, the maker of the awarded project Award Winning Neumatt Sports Center Sports Center explains, Neumatt is not one of the many standard sports centers in Switzerland. Inside, it is a true color burst of green, yellow, red and blue. Th <Cropped>

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Hefei Vanke Sales Center by Raynon Chiu

Raynon Chiu Shows The Hefei Vanke Sales Center It Is a Sales Center

Raynon Chiu, the project leader of the highlighted project Hefei Vanke Sales Center - It is a sales center by Raynon Chiu illustrates, Hefei Vanke Sales Center Vanke Sales Center is located in Binhu New Area, Hefei City, close to Luzhou Avenue and <Cropped>

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Calendar by Bao Xiying

Bao Xiying Exhibits The Different Everyday Calendar

Bao Xiying, the creator of the highlighted design Calendar:Different Everyday by Bao Xiying spells out, Use pen to connect each dot every day. The image will be completed at the end of the month. A part of the lines of the image serves as a hook that <Cropped>

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Award Winning Urban Forest Interior Design

Li-Jen Chang Portrays The Urban Forest Interior Design

Li-Jen Chang, the architect of the award winning project Interior Design:Urban Forest by Li-Jen Chang explicates, Located at the emerging redevelopment zone in Taichung City, the high-grade apartment is adjacent to a park and has perfect life functio <Cropped>

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Office Space:cnyes.com by Nic Lee

Nic Lee Discloses The Cnyes.com Office Space

Nic Lee, the author of the highlighted design Nic Lee's cnYES.com office space explicates, Integrating finance and mass communication to provide financial website services, this is an internet media company characterized by stability images of f <Cropped>

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Fold It and Bring It With You. by Coocoo Design

Coocoo Design Presents The Wonderfold-Foldable Bed For Dogs Fold It and Bring It With You

CooCoo Design, the thinktank behind the award winning work Award Winning WonderFold - Foldable bed for dogs Fold it and bring it with you. spells out, A foldable bed for dogs made by CooCoo Design. Now the dog can get it´s "comfy Zone" r <Cropped>

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Kemal Yıldırım's Vbookcase Bookshelf

Kemal Yıldırım Portrays The Vbookcase Bookshelf

Kemal Yıldırım, the author of the award winning project Bookshelf by Kemal Yıldırım demonstrates, The VBookcase, which was designed in a manner where it can be used in different forms, such as double, triple and quadruple, can constitute alte <Cropped>

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Coastal Cinema-Cinema by Ajax Law & Virginia Lung

Ajax Law & Virginia Lung Presents The Coastal Cinema Cinema

Ajax Law & Virginia Lung, the author of the highlighted work Award Winning Coastal Cinema Cinema points out, Breaking the social norm, the design team got inspired by the coastal geography, the study of the dynamic interface between the ocean and <Cropped>

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Remote Access Video Baby Monitor:star by Desigence Oy, Finland

Desigence Oy, Finland Demonstrates The Star Remote Access Video Baby Monitor

Desigence Oy, Finland, the maker of the award winning work Remote access video baby monitor by Desigence Oy, Finland illustrates, Star is a next generation baby monitoring solution with HD video streaming, alerts and online tools designed to better m <Cropped>

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Tablet Pc:venus 7" Tablet Pc by Vestel Id Team

Vestel Id Team Illustrates The Venus 7" Tablet Pc Tablet Pc

Vestel Id Team, the creator of the displayed project Vestel Id Team's Venus 7" tablet PC tablet PC points out, Product aims to make life easier. It represents mobile devices ideology of the company that has years of experience on consumer e <Cropped>

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