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Turtle Granting, Colorful Silk Granting, Safety Granting. The unsophisticated Penghu inherits the emotions of generations and collective memories over the past hundred years. The veins of the turtles are portrayed with the wave patterns, meaning that every struggling fisherman on the sea can ride the waves to come back safely. The colorful stacking and clustering represent the richness of marine resources, praying that this island and ocean can forever coexist and prosper, and hoping that through praying over the crystal ball everyone wishes can come true.

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Supplement of Original

White veins in river stones lead to random patterns on the surfaces. The selection of certain river stones and their arrangement transforms these patterns into symbols, in form of Latin letters. This is how words and sentences are created when stones are in the right position next to each other. Language and communication arise and their signs become a supplement to what is already there.

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The dynamic arc adds a simple flavor to the chaotic city. Two spheres are placed at the bottom of both sides to make the arc have tension. The sphere itself has the desire to occupy the surrounding space, which makes it possible to think whether the curvature of the arc is caused by the two spheres. The elegant lines add a sense of interest and beauty to the square city.

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Shining in Wisdom and Glory

Shining in Wisdom and Glory is adopts the shapes and colors of the Taiwan police badge as its creative metaphorical elements for manifest the nature of the Police. It is the job of the Police to maintain public order and security, to prevent the society from any possible harm. The panoramic image is the bird view on the city of infinite expansion to embody the vigorousness and justice of the Police. Its the mission and vision of the Police. Cabochon mirror in the center of the picture, which like a big eye is always caring and guarding the city.

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Evolve 17

150 Triangles, 1 Million color possibilities. Evolve puts on a spectacular light show when hit by the sun highlighting its celestial nature. The reflected shadows change location during the year based on the rotation of the earths axis. Evolve symbolizes a visionary meeting point to promote a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship. It is designed to metaphorically unite solutions from different angles. Evolve is a philosophical sculpture designed to help humans understand the nature of reality, and existence.

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Moment Series

The heirloom porcelains that make up the work carry the traces of history to the present, while the sculpted glass represents a frozen moment and timelessness. The fact that the glass in antique cups is shaped like it is when a liquid splashes brings together a snapshot of the fluidity with the viewer. Colored glasses preferred as transparent and opaque were selected in accordance with the structure and concept of the cup.

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