Iranmall Stadium by Reza Mafakher

Reza Mafakher Portrays The Iranmall Stadium Recreational

Reza Mafakher, the lead designer of the highlighted work Recreational by Reza Mafakher explains, Tennis stadium is a design retrieved from the context yet creative and exclusive which will remain as a grateful experience for users. To gain this goal <Cropped>

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Residence:the Textures of The Space by Chia-Hung Weng

Chia-Hung Weng Presents The The Textures of The Space Residence

Chia-Hung Weng, the creative mind behind the displayed project Residence by Chia-Hung Weng demonstrates, At the entranceway, the black and straight lines make the entranceway become more appealing, effectively creating a composed medium space. By app <Cropped>

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Award Winning Finishfire Charging Platform Modern Magazine Rack Hides Extinguishers

Sanna Liimatainen Presents The Finishfire Charging Platform Modern Magazine Rack Hides Extinguishers

Sanna Liimatainen, the lead designer of the award winning work Finishfire Charging Platform - Modern magazine rack hides extinguishers by Sanna Liimatainen illustrates, The Finishfire Charging platform combines design and need. It gives a place f <Cropped>

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Both Boutique & Music-Vinyl Record Bar & Cafe by Prism Design

Prism Design Shows The Both Boutique & Music Vinyl Record Bar & Cafe

Prism Design, the architect of the awarded design Prism Design's Both Boutique & Music Vinyl Record Bar & Cafe explicates, Red Town is place where an ironworks in Shanghai was renovation. This great outdoor hangout spot has itself into o <Cropped>

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Animated and Static Logo by Sharon Webber-Zvik

Sharon Webber-Zvik Shares The One Day Animated and Static Logo

Sharon Webber-Zvik, the author of the highlighted project Animated and Static Logo:One Day by Sharon Webber-Zvik demonstrates, For a top multinational corporation announcement of their new Instant Messaging & Video Conference application in Israe <Cropped>

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Birdies-Collection of Brooches by Ekaterina Smolina

Ekaterina Smolina Shows The Birdies Collection of Brooches

Ekaterina Smolina, the lead designer of the highlighted design Birdies by Ekaterina Smolina demonstrates, "Birdies" - inspires on the impossible. For somebody impossible — it is one and a half months at the other end of the world. In the <Cropped>

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Private Residence by Kirki Mariolopoulou

Kirki Mariolopoulou Demonstrates The Dream House Private Residence

Kirki Mariolopoulou , the architect of the displayed design Private Residence by Kirki Mariolopoulou points out, The objective was to acquire all the vague images of the owner's wishes, creating the feeling of a home that oscillates between sur <Cropped>

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Martin-Smart Sofa by Guangzhou Seedland Real Estate Dlp

Guangzhou Seedland Real Estate Dlp. Presents The Martin Smart Sofa

Guangzhou Seedland Real Estate Dlp., the maker of the award winning project Martin - Smart sofa by Guangzhou Seedland Real Estate Dlp. illustrates, As an important part of the living room, the sofa is not just an appliance, but also an "environm <Cropped>

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Echape by Stephan Seifert & Thelos

Stephan Seifert & Thelos Presents The Echape Stool

Stephan Seifert & Thelos, the architect of the highlighted project Echape - Stool by Stephan Seifert & Thelos spells out, In French Echape means escape, but also is a dynamic position in ballet dance. We have decided to combine the ethereal g <Cropped>

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Seat and Stool by Harun Ayaydın

Harun Ayaydın Spotlights The Bug Seat and Stool

Harun Ayaydın, the maker of the displayed project Bug by Harun Ayaydın points out, The starting point of the design is bug. Inspired by insects. Equilibrium points are specially calculated and their feet are likened to insect paws. Mdf lam body is <Cropped>

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