Residence by Chih-Hao Kao

Chih-Hao Kao Designs The The Construction in Coding Residence

Chih-Hao Kao, the author of the displayed design Residence by Chih-Hao Kao says, The spatial elements of line, plan and volume can be integrated by the composition of light and shade, and changed as the spatial coding symbols. This is a kind of eleme <Cropped>

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Serfa Plus by Zanini De Zanine

Zanini De Zanine Demonstrates The Serfa Plus Armchair and Footstool

Zanini de Zanine, the designer of the displayed project SERFA PLUS - Armchair and footstool by Zanini de Zanine illustrates, Inspired by Brazilian culture and the work of big names in Brazilian design - Sergio Rodrigues and Ricardo Fasanello -, the S <Cropped>

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Award Winning Break Out of The Encirclement Public Service Advertising

Gao Pin Presents The Break Out of The Encirclement Public Service Advertising

Gao Pin, the designer of the awarded design public service advertising by Gao Pin spells out, Car is closely related to people, car ownership increased dramatically, he brings us convenience,and also brings to deal with the relationship <Cropped>

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Arhus-Bookcase by Gerardo Ríos

Gerardo Ríos Designs The Arhus Bookcase

Gerardo Ríos, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Bookcase by Gerardo Ríos demonstrates, This storage unit is a modern interpretation of the 60's designs. The sliding doors have tinted glass fronts that allow a constant change i <Cropped>

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Yohocube by Yohocube

Yohocube Demonstrates The Yohocube Cardboard Construction Set

Yohocube, the project leader of the highlighted design Cardboard construction set by Yohocube points out, Yohocube cardboard construction kit is an educational toy for kids 6-12 years old and creative adults. Basic elements are cubes and prisms con <Cropped>

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De Kang Club-Commercial Space by Yong Cai Huang

Yong Cai Huang Demonstrates The De Kang Club Commercial Space

Yong Cai Huang, the creative mind behind the awarded design Commercial Space by Yong Cai Huang explicates, Dekang is located in the commercial center of Guangzhou, China, is a SPA and entertainment one of the commercial projects. The project is in th <Cropped>

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Award Winning Scpg Shopping Plaza Shopping Center

Ping Xu-Ph Alpha Design Limited Spotlights The Scpg Shopping Plaza Shopping Center

Ping Xu - PH Alpha Design Limited, the creative mind behind the awarded design Award Winning SCPG Shopping Plaza Shopping Center explicates, The objective for this project is to upgrade the SCPG Shopping Plaza to be a new iconic shopping mall of the <Cropped>

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Felt Spirals Necklace-Necklace by Aikaterini-Niki Glinou

Aikaterini-Niki Glinou Spotlights The Felt Spirals Necklace Necklace

Aikaterini-Niki Glinou, the maker of the awarded work Necklace by Aikaterini-Niki Glinou says, The necklace is made with handmade felt spiral beads. Every bead is rolled separately by hand. The beads are sewn together with coated stainless steel wire <Cropped>

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Nieh Creative Studio-Brand Identity by Jonathan Nieh

Jonathan Nieh Spotlights The Nieh Creative Studio Brand Identity

Jonathan Nieh, the architect of the highlighted work Award Winning NIEH Creative Studio Brand Identity illustrates, The focal points of the logo are the distinctive color protruding from the "i" and the letter "E." Orange has been <Cropped>

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Urban Lighting by Mohsen Norouzy

Mohsen Norouzy Portrays The Herno Urban Lighting

Mohsen Norouzy, the project leader of the awarded project Herno by Mohsen Norouzy explicates, in this project, challenge is the designing of urban lighting proportional by Tehran environment. also creating friendly interactive phase for its citizen. <Cropped>

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